What Type of Personal Trainer is Right for You?

Working with a personal trainer can be an excellent next step towards meeting your goals, whether you have been hitting the gym for a while but require additional motivation or you are simply starting to workout. Personal trainers are instructors who work one-on-one with you on training your strength and achieve your fitness goals.

There are various styles and personas when it comes to any of these experts. A couple of them might leave you feeling pumped up and determined. Some might not work well with your own personality.

Today, we’re going to share with you a couple of various forms of certified personal trainer Fort Myers to help you figure out which one is for you.

The Spiritual Guru

With this fitness expert, you will have to get your inner peace. These professionals are found commonly teaching mind-body workouts, such as tai chi and yoga. The Spiritual Guru will remind you that workout is not simply about how fast your heart is pumping, but also about how your physical and mental health align.

You can choose this type of instructor if:

  • You like a comforting and calm presence when it comes to exercises.
  • You like the concept of nourishing the body and mind in a single activity.
  • You’re often stressed out, whether that is dealing with family or a high-paced job.

The Cheerleader

Are you sad because you aren’t quickly making progress? This type of personal trainer might be right for you. They’re here to remind you how great you are and how much you’ve achieved already by taking several steps.

Usually, this form of a personal trainer is filled with energy. They use praise to build you up. They will show up with enthusiasm, high-fives, and big smiles.

You can choose this type of instructor if:

  • You often have a difficult time giving credit to yourself for what you’ve accomplished.
  • You have a tendency to thrive on the energy of another person.
  • You like having someone who always cheers you up.

The Drill Sergeant

You shouldn’t expect a free pass for any excuses if you are working out with this type of personal trainer. Though they have the empathy of how hard it is to make changes, they also understand that you can often get in your own way.

If you choose this type of personal trainer, you should expect a bit of shouting and a bit of intensity. However, all of these are done to push you towards fitness feats that you thought were not achievable.

You can choose this type of instructor if:

  • A bit of tough love motivates you instead of making you feel bad.
  • You often make excuses for not constantly working out.
  • You have a hard time pushing out those last couple of reps, even though you can still do it.

With all the various forms of personal trainers, you are bound to find one that’s appropriate for you. This is particularly important if you really want to get motivated and achieve those fitness goals that you have in mind.

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